The first things you will usually notice when a garage remotes batteries are nearing the end of their lives is the lack of the LED lights blinking and a slower response time when you use your clicker. But have no fear, changing that battery no complex task. A little tip before you get started–always check to make sure your problem isn’t actually an accidentally pressed “LOCK” button on the control unit.


Once you’re sure you have a proper diagnosis, you’ll need to give your remote a good once-over, as they are all a bit different, but most are equally simple to get into. In general there are 3 main varieties of battery compartments: pry-off, slide-off or screw-off. If you’re having trouble figuring out which you have, and you’re not seeing any screws,look for the tell-tale small slot on the side that can hide on the pry-off variety. You then simply insert a small flathead screwdriver to open.


Most garage remotes use a small coin or button cell, 3 volt battery. It’s best to just take out the 3925329896_a0065ea1c8_zold battery and bring it with you to the store to buy a replacement. These batteries tend to last anywhere from 2-5 years, although some remotes still use AA or AAA alkalines.


Know that you’ve got your remote open and procured your new replacement battery, reinsertion is pretty straightforward. The compartment will normally indicate the direction the battery should go, and in most cases the coin-cell should go in positive side up.
Like with all things pertaining to your garage door, if you ever need a hand, just give our experts at Precision Door Orange County a call, we’d be happy to help!