What to Do About a Garage Door That Has Come Off the Track System

There’s no doubt about it; the home garage door is one of the most used items in the home. Although extremely durable, constant wear and tear will produce issues. One of the most common of these is having the door come off its track system. So, what can you do about it? Read on to learn some important information on just how to repair this type of problem.

What Does the Track system Do Exactly?

The rollers that run along the garage door allow it to run up and down the tracking system smoothly. Issues are usually spotted quickly when homeowners notice a jump in the moving process or when odd metallic sounds are heard. Note that if this issue includes your tension springs, you should contact a Huntington Beach garage door repair company because tension springs can be extremely dangerous to handle.

Go Manual

The very first thing you should do when attempting to fix this issue is to change the garage door from automatic to manual. This can be accomplished by pulling on the red manual lever. Note that some garage doors will have cords instead of a lever, but they usually have the same color of red or bright orange. You do this in order to be able to move up and down your garage door manually.

Find the Trouble Spot

Now that the door is in manual mode, you should then roll up and down the door in order to find the trouble spot. You will find it when you reach a point where you can’t move it anymore or where you experience resistance.

Tool Time

Once you have found the trouble spot, use some vise-grips to hold the door in place. Next, you should use a pair of pliers to open up the tracking system and place the wheel back in place. Once all the wheels are back on track, you can use a hammer to bring back the tracking system into its original form. This should be enough to fix the problem, but you should make sure that you give it a few test runs to make sure that it’s actually fixed. If you’re unsure about the process, be sure to call in a professional to ensure that the system is safe.