How to Stop Strong Winds From Harming Your Garage

Strong thunderstorms, intense cold fronts or other common weather events could cause high winds. Those winds may result in significant damage to a garage door. However, there are steps that you can take to prevent it from occurring or minimizing its impact.

Prevent Wind Damage by Bracing the Door

A contractor can add wood or metal braces that are installed behind the garage door itself. These braces run across the entire length of the door, and they are designed to provide additional structural support to existing posts or framework. When installed correctly, they can provide protection against hurricane-strength winds.

Add Weatherstripping to Keep a Garage Safe from Wind Damage

Wind damage could occur because air is able to get into the garage itself. If the air is flowing strongly enough, it may be able to knock tools or other items off of a shelf or off of a wall.

These objects could then fall and hit your car or other valuable items. In some cases, they can hit the floor with enough force to cause cracks in the foundation. Weatherstripping will create a barrier that will prevent most wind from getting into the house.

Fix Garage Door Damage Quickly

If the door itself is damaged, call a garage door repair Orange County service provider as quickly as possible. A professional will be able to inspect the door and make recommendations as to whether it should be repaired or replaced. Damage to other parts of your garage should also be fixed quickly as it could result in pest or other problems in the future.