Steps to Protecting Your Garage Door From Wear

The garage door is extremely sturdy and durable to ensure that it can last for many years or decades without needing to be replaced. Due to frequent use and exposure to environmental elements, the parts can begin to wear down and deteriorate. If you want to reduce the risk of wear that occurs, there are a few main steps to take when maintaining the feature.

Lubricate the Parts

Many people don’t understand the importance of lubricating the garage door parts on a regular basis to ensure that they can operate well. Lubricate the track and springs once a month. Most garage door springs last 10,000 cycles before they need to be replaced. You’ll also want to hire a professional to inspect the garage door to determine if any of the parts need to be repaired and also diagnose underlying issues. The expert can perform garage door repair in Orange County to increase the durability of the product and boost its lifespan.

Perform Door Tests

Testing the garage door is necessary to ensure that it can open and close properly when it’s used. Begin by testing the automatic reversal system to ensure that it won’t close if an object is in the way. Consider adding a small cinderblock in the path of the door to test the door once each month. Balancing the door is also necessary by lowering it to its halfway point to determine if it rests or closes shut.

Purchase a Reinforcement Kit

Reinforcement kits offer extra support in the middle of storms and prevent the garage door from buckling under pressure. Framing the door will provide additional support and can reduce the risk of damage that occurs in extreme weather conditions. You can also contact a professional who has more experience to install a reinforcement kit to ensure that it’s secured and that the work is protected.