Reducing the Risk of Water Damage to Your Garage

Water is known to be one of the most common threats to residential properties due to the amount of damage that it can leave behind. During a storm, significant damage can occur to the garage if leaks form or the space becomes flooded. If you want to reduce the risk of water damage to the garage throughout the year, there are a few important steps to take to secure the building.

Use Sandbags

Not only are sandbags affordable, but they’re extremely effective in working as a barrier to protect your garage from water during heavy rainfall. Before the storm arrives, add dozens of sandbags around the perimeters of the garage where water can seep in near the garage door. Once the bags come in contact with water, they’ll immediately expand to create a dam that will block the water.

Inspect the Foundation

Inspect the foundation of your garage to look for cracks or damage that is present. Cracks that are present in the cement can allow water through and can become even more damaged. You’ll need to immediately seal any cracks with the use of vinyl or waterproof paint that will work as a patch. A flood vent can also be installed to ensure that the water is redirected and doesn’t enter the garage.

Add Weatherstripping to the Garage Door

The door on your garage can allow water in if it doesn’t have weatherstripping that is present. Weatherstripping is necessary to prevent the elements from getting into the garage and works as a tight seal. You may need to add new weatherstripping if the old material is loose or has worn down. Consider contacting a professional who performs Orange County garage door repair to add new weatherstripping if you’re inexperienced with the task. It may also be time to install a new door if the materials are worn or damaged to avoid minor flooding.