Prepping Your Garage Door for the Summer

Each season differs with the type of weather that arrives, which can affect the quality of your garage door. During the summer season, the warm temperatures and direct sunlight can cause wear and damage to the parts, which will require repairs. If you want to prep your garage door for the summer season to maintain its overall quality, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Lubricate the Parts

Adding lubrication to the different garage door parts will allow the mechanisms to operate smoothly, which can protect the rollers, track, and springs from damage that is often caused by humid weather. Applying lubricant will prevent squeaks or noises from occurring as all the parts move and operate. Avoid using grease to lubricate the garage door parts, which can attract dust and grime that will begin to clog the garage door tracks and can make it difficult for the door to open and close smoothly.

Assess the Cables and Tracks

Make it a point to assess the cables and tracks, which are the main parts of how the garage door functions. It’s important to hire a professional to adjust the cables with high-tension springs, which can be deadly if you attempt to do it yourself. The technician will also look for damage that is present close to the roller bracket or if some of the strands are damaged. They’ll also provide Long Beach garage door repair services that may be needed to keep the parts operating.

Wash the Door

The exterior of the garage door is prone to suffering from damage as it sits out in the sun for several hours each day. Consider sanding, priming, and painting the door to remove any signs of rust that are present. Wooden doors are prone to having paint that cracks or becomes warped. Sand down areas that have become affected and apply a primer and a new coat of paint. Adding a coat of finish will also work as a barrier from UV rays.