Selling A Home: How To Prepare The Garage

When preparing a home for viewing, many sellers forget to prepare the garage accordingly. Garages tend to be the dirtiest rooms in the home, with the exception of basements. They accumulate dust and dirt, spiders, and some clutter. In addition, the garage may be in need of repairs, which might be overlooked while the owners are busy preparing the main living areas for the home to be listed.

Taming the Clutter and Dirt

Garages are an excellent place to store lawn ornaments, garden tools, and seasonal items. As the home is listed for sale, this clutter must be reorganized and condensed to open up the garage. Afterwards, the room should be dusted and swept. Remove all cobwebs from the garage as well. If the garage has years of dirt and dust buildup inside of it, it may be necessary to perform another light cleaning a few days later to eliminate the remaining dust and dirt.

Completing All Garage Repairs

If there are any repairs that need to be completed, Long Beach garage door repair can diagnose and solve any garage door issues. When doors become hung, fail to open, do not close properly, or are otherwise malfunctioning, potential buyers could become concerned. If the garage door is in good shape, applying a lubricant to the mechanical parts of the door can help to maintain the door’s lifespan while also making operations much smoother and less noisy. If the garage floor is cracked or the garage is quite drafty, more repairs will be necessary. Drafty openings can be sealed by homeowners with foam insulation tape quite easily.

Making Final Touches and Controlling Pests

Once the garage is cleaned and organized, the home is ready for an open house. It is recommended to refresh pest control applications about a week before showing the home. This will keep pests such as spiders and mice from re-inhabiting the garage while the home is going through the sale process.