How You Can Customize Your Garage Door

Once you have selected a new garage door, there are a variety of things that you might want to do to customize the installation to your own liking. If you want your home to accurately reflect your lifestyle and personality, customizing the appearance and functionality of your garage door can go a long way towards doing so whether you have a metal door or wooden door.

Consider the Application of Stone Accents

You might want to think about placing decorative stone accents onto your garage door, which can help to bolster the appearance of the door while making your home appear to be more luxurious and stylish. These accents can be used as focal points on your garage door and can be arranged in any way you see fit, which will allow you to position the accents in areas that are aesthetically pleasing.

Add a Surround Frame

A surround frame is a type of addition that allows both your home and garage door to be provided with a much more sophisticated look. These frames are placed around the edges of the door itself in order to add a substantial amount of dimension to the door. Similar to a garage door, the surround frame options available to you can come in many different colors and materials. You can choose to make the frame appear just like the door or can select a contrasting design that allows for a bold appearance.

Think About Adding Knockers or Handles

If you want a specific look with your garage door, you may want to think about adding knockers or handles to the door. For instance, placing a large metal knocker in the middle of the door can make for a rustic appearance. You could also place two handles in the middle of your door to make it appear as though the door can swing open by pulling one of the handles. These are small additions that can make a lasting impression.