Ways to Make Your Garage More Energy-Efficient

The garage is known to suffer from high temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter. For many people, the space can be challenging to spend time in because it’s not a climate-controlled setting that feels comfortable. If you want to make the garage more energy-efficient and reduce your energy bills, there are a few necessary steps to take as a homeowner.

Insulate the Walls

Insulating the garage is essential and is easy to perform by rolling the proper R-value insulation next to the joists. You can also hire a professional to have it blown-in through a small hole in the drywall. The insulation will act as a barrier and will keep the outside temperature out of the garage in each season.

Seal the Garage Door

Sealing the garage door is necessary with weather stripping that is installed on the door frame, which will prevent air from entering or escaping the garage. A draft stopper can also be used if you don’t want to replace the entire threshold. Caulking the trim is also necessary on both the inside and the outside of the garage door. You can hire a professional who performs Anaheim garage door repair to complete the task and begin increasing your savings.

Insulate the Garage Door

You can also insulate the garage door itself to prevent the transfer of the heat and the cold. Although the walls in the garage may be completely insulated, the space can still have a lack of energy efficiency if the door isn’t insulated because a thin piece of aluminum won’t do much to control the temperature inside. There are many different kits that you can use, which includes thin sheets of double-bubble radiant insulation. Foam board insulation is another useful material that is easy to install and is affordable.