Three Comfort Features to Add to Your New Garage

Many people think of the garage as a storage structure for their cars, trucks, SUVs, lawn care equipment and tools. With some careful planning, your new Orange County garage installation could function as much more than just a storage depot for your stuff. Consider these three comfort features to add to your new garage.

Porch and Awning

Consider having the builders pour some extra concrete for a porch or patio adjacent to your garage. The design plan for the garage could include an extension of the roof, creating an awning for shade. You could even have the builders set up a frame and screen it, creating windows. Have the electricians install a couple of ceiling fans, and you have a space to relax in the morning or evening.

Upstairs Apartment

If you have frequent overnight guests, a teenage household member, a grown child living at home or a live-in nanny, consider having the builders include an upstairs apartment above the garage. This does not increase the footprint of the structure, but it will require some additional permits. If you plan to rent out the apartment, you will also need to have inspections for occupancy performed by the local housing authorities. Renting out the apartment could pay for the entire structure within just a few years.


A kitchenette in your garage’s work area could make the place more enjoyable. If you spend a lot of time working on your cars, doing woodworking or something else, it would be handy to have a microwave, mini refrigerator and sink. This would require some additional electrical and plumbing work, but the effort and expense would be worth it when you can relax on the weekends with your friends and get out a cold beverage when you desire.