Tips to Caring for Your Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors have a high level of appeal due to their traditional design and craftsmanship. Although they’re a popular choice among homeowners, they also need a high level of care to ensure that they have a long lifespan and don’t suffer from damage when exposed to the elements. If you’re ready to care for the wood door, there are a few main tips to follow to avoid issues and maintain the product.

Remove Chipped Finishes

Chipped or peeling finishes can quickly become an eyesore on the exterior of the garage door and can affect the quality of the product. If the door is painted, you’ll need to use a paint scraper to remove chipped paint and loosen it. The wood will need to be smoothed out before using wood putty or filling in holes that may be present to improve the aesthetics of the door.

Inspect for Rot

Rot is considered to be one of the top threats to wood garage doors and can lead to extensive damage that will require Huntington beach garage door repair or installation. You can hire a professional to look under the door for any rot that may be hiding, along with checking the trim work that is present. Any areas that are hollowed indicate that rot has developed, which affects the structural integrity of the door and can cause it to fall apart as the rot grows. A professional can repair and replace the affected wood to improve its quality and also boost its longevity.

Check for Pests

Insects and pests are also considered to be threats, especially termites. Termites are known to be attracted to wood and can eat away at the material over time, leading to hollow wood. Beetles, slugs, and snails are also known to damage wood doors. Contact a pest control professional immediately once they are identified before hiring a garage door technician to restore the wood that may be affected by the critters.