Keep Your Garage Clean and Pest-Free

Any part of your home that pests infiltrate is vulnerable to being damaged. If insects or rodents get into your garage, they could try to eat away at your garage door. This can result in the need to replace or repair the door before its useful life has been exhausted. What are some ways to keep pests out?

Make Sure Your Garage Is Clean

An effective way to keep insects and rodents out of your garage is to keep it clean. This means making sure that there are no scraps of human or pet food on the floor or where it can otherwise be accessed by unwanted intruders. Ideally, you will keep the lid to the garbage can sealed tight and take the garbage to the curb on a weekly basis. The floor and door should also be kept free of grass, pollen or anything else that may attract bugs or other creatures.

Use Traps and Sprays to Kill Pests

It may be a good idea to have a professional come to your home and employ tactics to keep bugs away from your home. This could be done by spraying around the perimeter of the house or in any cracks along the garage floor. It can also be done by sealing any cracks in the door itself or by laying down weather stripping that insects and other pests won’t want to eat.

Get Professional Help

A professional company that provides garage repair in Long Beach may be able to help you keep your garage door in good condition if pests have already damaged it. It may also be possible to have a contractor make sure that springs or other components are working properly. This may ensure that your garage is secure from invasion from insects, humans or anything else that needs to stay outside.