How to Remove Mold From a Door

Have you seen signs of mold on your garage door? If so, you don’t want to let the problem linger. In some cases, mold on a door can be a sign of water damage in other areas of the house. If left unchecked, the substance could spread to other surfaces and cause property damage. Fortunately, there are some easy steps that you can take to resolve this issue.

Have a Dehumidifier Installed

A dehumidifier is a portable device that will take excess humidity out of the air. By removing moisture from the air, it allows your door to remain dry. By allowing the door to remain dry, it creates conditions in which mold does not want to grow. If installing such a device isn’t enough to get rid of moisture, it may be worthwhile to have a professional come to the home and look for leaks in the roof or the door itself.

Have the Entire Garage Power Washed

It can be worth the time and money it takes to have the garage power washed by a professional. This helps to get rid of mold and other spores from the garage door, siding and any other surfaces inside of this space. After it is washed, it may be a good idea to put a fresh coat of paint or other sealant on your door to prevent the mold from coming back.

Get Rid of Cardboard in Your Garage

Another way to keep mold at bay is to remove any cardboard from inside of the garage. It can be especially vulnerable to mold and pests when it gets wet. Since mold can float in the air, it is possible for it to spread from cardboard boxes to your door and other nearby surfaces. A garage door service Orange County company may provide more insight to homeowners.