Ways to Keep Your Garage Ventilated

Many homeowners have multi-use garages. Not only do they use the garage as a place to safely park their car, but they use the garage as a workshop or storage space. Garage ventilation is important as it reduces the potential for mold and increases the livability of the space. Here are some tips for keeping your garage ventilated.

Install Garage Windows

There’s no need for your garage to be a dark, dank and windowless dungeon. Installing windows in your garage will let in both light and fresh air. If you’re concerned about security, accompany your windows with a motion-sensor alarm system that can be activated when you’re not at home. If you want to install your windows directly on the garage door, get in touch with Irvine garage door repair or installation companies.

Add a Ceiling Fan or Portable Fan

Ceiling fans are cheaper than central air conditioning. They circulate the air through the garage, keeping the air cool. Remember to clean the fan regularly so that it’s not spreading dust and pollutants as well. If you install the fan close to the garage door, the fan will act as a manual HVAC system and cool down the warmer fresh air from outside and move out the dusty air from indoors.

Install Air Conditioning

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, air conditioning may not be an unnecessary or extravagant expense. A window or mini-split AC unit can cool your garage without requiring large amounts of ductwork. If you’re not sure as to whether you can install it yourself, hire professional help to install the AC.