The outside of surface of your garage door is constantly exposed to the elements. These tips will help you to remove the grease, dirt and bird droppings that can cause the door to become dirty and worn.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Sparkling Clean

On the day of your garage door installation in Orange County, your new garage door will be sparkling clean. Over time, the door will collect plenty of grime, dirt, grease and even bird droppings. These tips will help you to keep your garage door looking as good as it did on the day that it was installed.

Brush the Door

The first step in cleaning the garage door is to brush it. Make sure that the door is in a closed position. Use a handheld, triangular-shaped brush with medium-firm bristles. Move the brush in small circles to free caked-on dirt, bird droppings and dust. Do this on all of the vinyl, wood or steel surfaces. Do not use the brush on any windows.

Wash the Door

Mix 4 ounces of mild dish soap and 5 gallons of warm water in a large bucket. Have your garden hose nearby. Use a large sponge to wash one-third of the garage door, then rinse that section off with the garden hose. Repeat this process until the entire garage door has been washed. The dish soap removes greasy residue, bird droppings, dirt and dust. The soap is safe for the sewer system and will not damage your landscaping.

Seal the Door

If your garage door is made out of a painted steel product, you can apply car wax to it. The car wax acts as a barrier against moisture. The wax also protects the steel and finish from the acidic bird droppings. Avoid using any bleaches or vinegar solutions on the garage door. These harsh chemicals could damage the door’s finish. If you find that bird droppings or other grime caused rust or etching on your garage door, a garage door service and installation company may be able to repair it for you or replace the damaged section.