Tips to Freshen Up Your Garage Door

When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, the garage door is one of the main features that contribute to the appearance of the exterior of your house. Many garage doors look bland due to a lack of features or an outdated color shade. If you want to freshen up its appearance, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting the garage door is one of the most effective ways of transforming its look and allowing it to stand out. Consider a neutral color shade that works within the color scheme of your home’s exterior and allows the feature to look new again. Clean the door with a sponge and tape off any areas that you don’t want to be painted. Apply one coat of primer to ensure that the paint sticks and allow it to dry for at least 12 hours before applying the second coat. Painting the door on a cool day will also prevent the paint from drying too quickly to ensure it has an even finish.

Add Windows or Accent Panels

Enhance the style of your garage door with the use of windows or accent panels that are added. Many garage doors don’t include special features or details, which can cause them to bland and have a lack of visual appeal. Garage door windows can add a contemporary look to the feature and will also allow natural light into the building. Colored panels can also add a bit of contrast. If you want to keep your costs low, consider using vinyl stickers that will achieve the same look.

Use a New Medium

Consider using a new medium that transforms the look of the garage door. Use steel, wood, or an additional substance that is a new material to incorporate into the home’s facade. Many people also choose to add reclaimed wood to create an upscale rustic look. Avoid adding any materials or creative designs that can affect the operation of the door, which will necessitate a garage door repair in Orange County.