4 Most Common Garage Door Issues

Most of the time, your garage door will work just as it should. But occasionally, a problem with your door might come to your attention. While some problems are expensive, others are just a mere hassle. This article will discuss some of the more common garage door issues and how to fix them.

Backing Into Your Garage Door

You might find yourself backing into your garage door. This could happen if the door is stuck in one position going up or down. You could also sideswipe either the garage door tracks or the side of the garage. Fixing it is fairly easy. The cost can often get covered with your home or auto insurance policy.

The Garage Door Closes Right on Your Car

This problem could happen through no fault of your own. It occurs because you have a faulty garage door. Your garage door can take on most of the damage in most circumstances. If your garage door springs are tight, you could end up damaging the track. Your car obstructs the photo-eye sensor, so your door should go in reverse. Check both the vehicle and door before calling the experts in Anaheim garage door repair. These garage door technicians are the professionals who will know what to do in this situation.

Other Garage Door Issues

If your garage door won’t shut, your photo-eye sensor might be obstructed. The photo-eye sensor detects if something is in the way of the door as it closes. Check if the sensors are either blocked or dirty. Remove the block or clean the sensor.

If your garage door comes off its tracks, it will get stuck. You might be tempted to just force your door open. But this action can cause damage to both your door and the track. A technician can easily fix this and other garage door issues for a reasonable price.