Should Your Garage Door Have Glass or Plexiglass Material?

There comes a time in every garage door’s life where something needs to be replaced or removed. One of the most common of these includes the window glass that often adorns the top of a garage door. This, however, then leads to having to choose between simply replacing them for another set of glass or going a different route, in this case, plexiglass. If you’re not sure just yet, read on to learn why plexiglass material might be your best bet going forward.

What Is Plexiglass Material?

The first thing you must understand about plexiglass material is that it’s not really glass at all. The correct term for the makeup of the material is acrylic. This see-through, petroleum-based, thermoplastic product is produced in thin sheets in order to create a better non-shattered alternative to glass.

Plexiglass Pros

In terms of pros, plexiglass material holds plenty of them. Let’s begin with the durability of the material. Although it can certainly be damaged, plexiglass is much easier to replace than traditional glass windows. Glass windows require you to find a specific type for your window while plexiglass can be simply cut to fit your garage door. Lastly, plexiglass material is much better in terms of security. Because they are not easily breakable, it can be difficult for would-be thieves to find a way into your home.

Does Plexiglass Have Any Cons?

Perhaps the most common negative of using plexiglass is that it tends to crack easier. Although glass can crack as well, you might still have to seek the services of a garage repair Long Beach company to assist you each time you notice cracks.

Plexiglass or Traditional Glass?

If you take everything into consideration, the best possible route to take for your garage door update is to install plexiglass material. Not only do you receive the benefit of keeping up with the aesthetics of your home, but it will be much easier on your pocketbook.