What Materials Should I Include in My Garage Door?

Your home garage door can be made from a combination of many different materials. Some of these materials can include vinyl, steel, composites, and wood. Your door could also have glass windows. How exactly do you decide which of these materials you should include in your garage door? This article will discuss many of the benefits of incorporating these particular materials when you need a garage door repair in Irvine.

Steel and Vinyl Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are known for being durable and tough. Compared to the other materials mentioned in this article, steel tends to resist dents and bumps a lot better. When your steel garage door gets dented, the damage isn’t usually extensive.

Vinyl garage doors tend to be less expensive than a lot of other materials mentioned here. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance on your end. But the material is also really delicate. But vinyl doors usually hold up well throughout the years.

Wooden Garage Doors

You might want a wood garage door for the aesthetic touch that it adds to your home. Some of the more popular designs include carriage doors and wood doors that slide open. These types of doors can give your home a classy vintage look. Wooden doors are also fire-resistant. Lastly, a wooden door can help keep out pests.

Composites for Your Home Garage Door

Composite doors get made by adhesives that hold together different layers. These doors are even stronger than wooden garage doors. They also hold up throughout the years. You can sand, paint and finish these types of doors. However, composite doors tend to be less expensive than their wooden counterparts.