Pros and Cons of Garage Installation Before Selling Your House

Most households have at least one car, and a garage is a key means of storing and protecting it. Houses without garages might be less desirable to potential home buyers. Consider these pros and cons of doing an Orange County garage installation the right way before listing your house for sale.

Adds Value to the Property

If everything else on your property is perfect, and all that it is lacking is that highly desirable garage, putting one in is a good idea. It adds value to the property, and people may choose it over homes without a garage. You may be able to list the home at a much higher price after the garage installation is complete.

Buyers Just Need to Move In

When a person is considering buying a house, he or she may just want to move in, unpack and start enjoying the benefits of home ownership. The new owner may not want to deal with a construction project right after closing on the house and moving into it. Having the garage built and already done will make the home buying process more convenient for the buyer.

Less Convenient for You

On the cons side, in the hubbub of getting a house ready to sell, having a new garage built might add more to your plate than you would like to have. If your property is already having some work done on it, such as plumbing repairs or a new roof, the addition of garage builders might make your life quite busy for a few weeks. Building a garage and selling the house right away also means that you will not get to enjoy the benefits of the garage yourself.