Opening Garage Doors During a Power Outage

Many Orange County garage door repair calls have to do with openers. Many homeowners have become accustomed to that convenience and are unsure what to do when it isn’t there. This can be particularly troublesome when the power is out, and the system lacks a backup battery or connection to a home generator.

Most Modern Openers Feature a Bypass

You’ve probably been told that a garage door with an electric opener can function like a traditional garage door. But when you go to open it or close it, it won’t budge. That can happen because most modern openers have a bypass. When this feature is active, even when the opener lacks power, the door cannot be used manually. Often, this trigger is as simple as a rope with a handle on the end.

Operating the Door Manually

Once you’ve activated this trigger and disabled the automatic opener, pull the rope back toward the motor. You may need to tie it off. This will ensure it’s out of your way while you open and close the door by hand. When the power returns, you can simply untie the rope and retrigger the system.

When the Power Returns

In most cases, pulling the rope will do the trick. If it doesn’t, then you can push the button on your automatic opener. In both cases, you should be able to see the opener engage with the door. You may need to pull up the door slightly for it to snap back into place. If for any reason this system doesn’t re-engage, then you may need to call a professional repair person.

Preparing for Next Time

Most openers accommodate a battery even though one may not be included in the box. These can be purchased separately or acquired from a dealer. Such batteries can power your opener for up to two full days generally and only need to be replaced every three to five years or so.