The color trends for houses and garage doors tend to change every couple of years. Learn about the current color and style trends for garage doors so that you can make a great choice on your next garage door installation project.

Consider These Colors for Your Home’s Replacement Garage Door

Not only does a new garage door add value to your home, but it can also give a boost to your home’s style and aesthetic appeal. Garage door manufacturers have developed a wide range of colors and styles that you can choose from when your door needs to be replaced. Keep this trendy and traditional color and style selection in mind when you are ready to replace your garage door.


White is the traditional color for garage doors. It is accepted by most homeowner’s associations and fits in with the style of most neighborhoods and houses. White is also a great choice if you are seeking to boost your home’s energy efficiency. This is because the color white reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays instead of absorbing them. You can reap even more energy-efficient benefits by choosing an insulated white garage door.

Wood Grain

Natural-looking shades of brown, ranging from light golden oak to deep mahogany are also popular colors for garage doors. These are ideal choices if your home has a wooden or brick exterior. This style of garage door also works well with genuine wood. You can have the door sealed to protect its natural finish. Lighter shades of wood will reflect some of the sun’s heat, while darker shades will absorb it. If your garage door faces north, you may opt for a darker color to maximize efficiency during the winter. In hot climates and for garage doors facing south or west, a light shade is always a great choice.


Gray is a neutral color that works with most exterior siding and other home exteriors. Gray easily hides dust and dirt that are more easily shown on white doors. This shade will reflect some sunlight and is neutral when it comes to energy efficiency.