Learn how to choose a new garage door for your home that offers cost-effective features and that will not break your budget.

How to Save Money on a New Garage Door

A new garage door is an investment in the safety, security and curb appeal of your home. Because the garage door covers a significant portion of your home’s exterior square footage, it is important to choose a door that looks great, offers protection for your belongings and is easy to operate. Another consideration to keep in mind is the door’s price. These tips will help you to save money when shopping for a garage door.

Look at Last Year’s Styles

One way to save some money on a garage door is to look at last year’s styles. Much like clothing goes on a discount at the end of a season, so do home and building supplies such as a garage door. You may be able to save a significant amount of money by selecting a door that has a color or style discontinued by the manufacturer. These doors do not have any defects and are just as good as the newest batch of doors.

Choose a Basic Style

If you need an affordable garage door, look at a basic style. Garage doors with clean, simple lines offer curb appeal and do not distract from beautiful landscaping and an updated home. A simple style of a garage door is also easier to keep clean. Choose a door that does not have windows. Look for a door with minimal details. Consider a door that will not require much future attention, such as a door made of painted steel that you will not have to seal every year.

Ask About Seconds

Some garage door manufacturers occasionally make a mistake in a dye lot or in a textural pattern. These doors are often sold as seconds. There is nothing structurally wrong with the door and it offers the same level of curb appeal, safety and energy efficiency as other doors in its class. These doors may be discounted enough to make it worthwhile.