While you’re shopping for garage doors in California, it’s important that you identify what your primary goals are when purchasing a door. If your main objective is to find a quiet garage door that will open and close without creating a large amount of noise, there are a variety of things to keep in mind that will help you avoid choosing a noisy door.

Primary Features to Consider

If your garage is attached to your home, it’s likely that you’ll want to select a new door that doesn’t make a substantial amount of noise every time it opens and closes. To do so, the door should consist of nylon rollers and polyurethane insulation. When it comes to nylon rollers, they are much quieter than their metal counterparts for reasons that are quite clear. Polyurethane insulation is able to dampen the vibrations that would typically be caused by doors that aren’t outfitted with any insulation. It’s also important to understand that higher quality parts and components in other areas of the garage door will usually be quieter than lower quality parts.

Think About Replacing Garage Door Opener

An old garage door opener can create a high amount of noise every time it operates. Parts will typically loosen and begin to create metallic rattling noises that can be very distracting when the door is in use. If you’re buying a quiet garage door, you’ll want to pair it with a new door opener that’s also quiet. Look for an opener that comes equipped with a rubber belt drive as opposed to a chain-drive opener. Openers with chain drives are usually very noisy.

Make Sure the Installation Is Properly Done

Once you’ve selected a garage door that you believe is going to allow for quiet operation, it’s important that the company that’s installing the door does so properly. Poor installation of a garage door can lead to a variety of noise issues because of misaligned parts. If you’re certain that the door should be quiet but are experiencing noise just after the door installation, it’s likely that it wasn’t installed correctly.