Garage Doors Can Take Several Hours to Install

If you need to have your garage door replaced, you should expect the job to take at least several hours to complete. In some cases, it may take an entire day or more depending on what you need done. Let’s look at the factors that could determine how long it will take to install your garage door.

Is the Door Being Installed From Scratch?

If all you need is for someone to replace your current door with a new one, the swap could be completed in about three or four hours. However, if metal brackets or electrical components need to be replaced as well, you could need to allow another hour or two for those items to be upgraded before the door can go on.

Does the Opener Need to Be Replaced Too?

The garage door opener can take another three or four hours to install or repair. However, it may be possible to have work done on the opener on another day without impairing your ability to get in and out of your home. Of course, you will likely need to manually open and close the door until an electric device can be installed or upgraded. You should also note that it may be necessary to buy new remote openers for your car after an upgrade has been made.

Appointments Are Generally Available at Any Time

A garage door installation Orange County company will generally have appointments available at any time. Therefore, you can ask for service whenever it fits into your schedule. Emergency service is also available if you need to have your door installed, repaired or inspected right away.