Signs Your Garage Door Needs a New Weatherproofing Seal

Your garage door’s seal fits around the sides and bottom of the car access door. It is typically made of thick rubber that is designed to be flexible and create a barrier between the inside of the garage and the outdoors. These are the top signs that your garage doors need a new weatherproofing seal. If you notice any of them, contact a specialist for garage door repair in Irvine to replace the seal for you.


Rubber should be somewhat flexible. The door seal should move a little if you push it with your fingers. Over time, exposure to sunlight causes rubber to become stiff and brittle. If you notice resistance when pushing on the rubber door seal, it should be replaced. The stiffness and brittleness will soon cause the rubber seal to crack.


A brittle rubber seal starts to crack. Each time the garage door closes and impacts the floor of the garage, the damage to the seal will increase. You will likely notice cracks at the bottom part of the garage door before the sides. This is because the impact of the door into the floor is greater than the friction at the door’s sides. A cracked weatherproofing seal is no longer functional and should be replaced.


After the door seal has developed cracks, the cracked pieces will separate and fall apart. This disintegration of the door seal is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced. You might notice small pieces or strips of the rubber seal on the floor of your garage. The side portions of the seal could get stuck in the door’s tracks when they start to come apart. This will cause opener malfunctions.