home with white garage door trim

Is Your Garage Door Trim Important?

Many people consider the garage door to be the face of their home, but what they may not know is how important garage door trim is to maintaining its integrity. Trim functions to keep your garage door running smoothly while freeing it from moisture to prevent unnecessary deterioration. Here are a few great things to know about the importance of your garage door’s trim.

Reduces Moisture

Customarily, the wood that lines the sides of the garage door, or garage door wrap, is the first part of the trim that needs to be replaced due to its close contact with moisture from the door’s base. Protecting the wrap requires the use of durable trim materials to prevent it from having to be replaced. When the proper materials are used, the amount of invading moisture decreases, increasing the longevity and uninterrupted use of your garage door.


Trim also offers protection for the door itself by limiting wear and tear on the cladding. The buffer that the trim creates allows the cladding to smoothly move with the door, providing a tighter fit that helps to keep out unwanted elements that can cause damage to the trim and preventing damage caused by unexpected closings.


The trim also serves the dual purpose of effectively keeping out the elements and unwanted pests, depending on the type and material of trim. Flexible materials, such as vinyl closes small gaps and crevices to create a better seal that can also reduce energy costs if you spend time working in your garage with the door closed.

Garage door trim is essential for keeping your garage door safe from the elements and running smoothly. You can find experts for garage door installation in Orange County to help you with all of your garage door needs.