HOA Membership and Your Garage Doors

The garage door service Orange County residents have access to can account for the rules and regulations set forth by your HOA. Homeowners associations are increasingly prevalent in the area because they help homeowners protect their investments as well as provide a number of convenient services residents need or want. The trade-off for those advantages is some restrictions, and those limits may apply to your garage doors.


Color is the big one. Almost every homeowners association has color guidelines that apply to all aspects of a home’s exterior, including the garage doors. Your association may have rules for the colors allowed in general. It may also have guidelines for color scheming. For instance, olive green may be an allowed color for your garage doors but only if the rest of your home conforms to one of the green color schemes available.

Style and Type

Most associations have style guidelines. They generally won’t demand a particular style, such as carriage, but rather list a series of approved styles. If it’s unclear whether one door fits a certain style, you may need to get approval from the association before proceeding. Some guidelines cover type as well, such as requiring double- or triple-layer doors.

Maintenance and Repair

Association guidelines may cover when you need to have maintenance performed. Regulation can even extend to seasonal inspections for your garage door opener, air conditioning system and so forth. Repairs are usually mandated as well. If a door is stuck partially open or is notably dented, for instance, then you likely have a certain time frame in which to schedule that repair.

Open or Closed

Guidelines can even extend to when your doors are up and down. In fact, one such case recently made national headlines when certain residents refused. Nevertheless, smart garage doors can be convenient since you can set your doors to open and close automatically based on the requirements.