What Do Garage Door Rollers Do?

Garage door rollers are typically wheels that move on the sides of the door when you open the garage. There are different types of rollers, depending on the materials that were used to manufacture them. You can purchase plastic, nylon, or metal wheels based on your needs and expectations.

For instance, plastic wheels are quite affordable, and they support a minimal amount of garage door weight. They don’t have ball bearings, and they are great for single-panel door styles. For metal rollers, they are sturdy and can carry maximum load. Some come with ball bearings while others lack the vital device. Nylon wheels are popular since they have ball bearings and support any weight.

How Do Garage Door Rollers Work?

As part of the garage anatomy, rollers work when you open the door since they slide the track up so that it lifts the garage door. They remain in the same position until the door retracts. Similarly, when you close the door, the wheels will push the track down such that no one can access the garage.

Garage door rollers work hand in hand with the track for a proper alignment. If they are not on par with each other, or not well-lubricated, opening the door becomes quite a hassle. The door will make a lot of noises that are quite annoying. It might even malfunction, but you don’t have to worry since you can call for Orange County garage door repair.

Importance of Ball Bearings on the Rollers

You need a garage door opener that is reliable since you need security at home. Therefore, you can pick nylon or steel rollers that have ball bearings. You can make use of garage door installation to get the fantastic features. Ball bearings minimize the friction between the rod and the wheel. This way, the rollers will last longer and run smoothly on the track.