bold color garages

Use Bold Colors on Your Garage Door to Make It Pop

You may think that a garage door upgrade for your home would be a costly expense, but you can get it done quickly and inexpensively. With eye-catching colors ranging from midnight black to ruby-colored red, you can highlight the beauty of your home in a completely new way. Here are ideas for bold colors to make your garage door pop and transform your home’s exterior.

Try Yellow for an Upbeat Garage Door Upgrade

Red, blue, and white are popular colors that can be on any home in a neighborhood. But, yellow is a cheerful color that can lighten up your home, particularly if you just had garage door repairs. Because it is associated with sun and light, guests will observe a warm, peaceful vibe when they stop by.

Bold Colors Include Black

Black houses are on-trend right now and will stay stylish for many years to come. If having your entire home in black is too dramatic, speak with a technician experienced in Orange County garage installation. They can speak with you about trying black on the garage door. Not only can it look updated and modern: it will be even better on a home that is an invigorating, bright white, or any other light color.

Be Well-Liked by Going With a Red Garage Door

The color red is one of the most-liked colors throughout the world. It is a strong, powerful tone usually associated with passionate emotions. It can create an explosive appearance to most homes if you want to make a bold statement. Yet, if you like it but don’t want to draw much attention, try a matte finish for a more subtle look.

To make this decision easier, you can request paint samples from your local garage repair specialist. You can also have them give a quote on painting the garage and recommend the best hues to use.