The installation of a garage door is a complex process that involves electrical and mechanical work, as well as occasional structural modifications. Leaving this work to a professional helps to ensure that the project is completed safely and correctly.

Three Reasons to Use a Professional for Garage Door Installations

A typical garage door has a lifespan of about 20 years. Most garage door openers last for about 10 years. A new garage door is a considerable investment in your home, which is why it is important to select both the best door and an experienced professional to install it. When it comes time for a new garage door installation in Orange County, the success of the project depends on working with the right team for the job.

Safety Issues

Garage door installations require working near the home’s electrical wiring system. The garage door will need to be wired so that it can open. The doors are also heavy, weighing several hundred pounds. If a wooden door is being installed, it could weigh 500 pounds or more. The home might even need structural modifications to support the installation of the door.


When installing a garage door, minute details are critical to the door’s functionality. If your home has a slight angle to its foundation, the hanging process for the door’s tracks may be tricky. Experienced technicians use modern equipment such as laser levels to ensure that the door will be fully functional once it is installed.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your home’s garage door makes up a lot of its external surface area. For many styles of homes, the door is one of the top two focal points, along with the front door. An experienced installation team will take the time to ensure that the door looks good after it is installed. Installers pay attention to the small details such as making sure that the panels are properly lined up with one another. They can also make sure that there are no scratches, dings or dents in any of the panels. These actions help to add value and visual appeal to your house.