There are many high-tech safety features that can be included when you have a new garage built.

3 Ways to Include Safety Technology in Your New Garage

If you are planning a garage installation in Orange County, consider how the latest technological features could improve your safety. From security system features to detectors that alert you to danger, each of these devices could protect your home and your family. For the best results, these features can be built into your garage and its doors and windows during the construction process.

Mobile Garage Door Monitoring

If you have ever left home, driven a few miles and then wondered if you closed the garage door or not, you are not alone. This happens to many people, but now there is a way you can check on the situation without driving home. A Wi-Fi-enabled garage door monitoring system allows you to check the door’s status from your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you did leave the door open, the app allows you to remotely shut it.

Motion-Sensing Security System

If you have a valuable car or a big collection of tools stored in your garage, you may wish to have an enhanced security system for the structure. Consider having the technicians prepare the doors and windows of your garage with sensors that are hard-wired into a security system. You can combine this with a motion-detection system. You can have the system set up to alert you if anything unusual is detected overnight or while you are away from home.

Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detection

If you work on hobbies or your vehicle while inside of your garage, tools that use gas as power could emit toxic carbon dioxide. When a garage is built as an attachment to your house, a malfunction of the heating system could release carbon dioxide. Accidentally leaving the car’s engine running could also release the gas. A fire burning in the garage is another safety risk. A Wi-Fi-enabled smoke and carbon dioxide detector alerts you and the fire department at the first sign of a problem.