In order to protect your garage door and eliminate the need for frequent repairs, you must implement procedures to get rid of harboring pests. These pests are easy to pinpoint because they always roam around vulnerable components.

Typical Harboring Pests That Destroy Garage Doors

When pests build nests around a garage door, the structural elements weaken as the creatures place material near the wooden components. All pests have specific characteristics, and you can pinpoint and eliminate minor infestations by fully understanding how each pest behaves.

Ants and Termites

Ants and termites destroy the foundation and supporting components around a garage door when they build nests in different crevices. Because ants roam to various areas in colonies, these pests are stronger and can severely damage vulnerable material very easily. Termites are also destructive because they ruin garage doors by chewing on vital structural elements that are made of wood. Although ants and termites have similar behavior patterns, termite infestations are unique because these bugs make mud tubes that run through exterior walls.


Rats destroy wooden components around a garage door slowly by gnawing on the materials. Some rats will also chew on components that are made of aluminum and plastic. When rats build a nest, other problems will occur once they access and bite through wiring.

Prevention Methods

The best way to eliminate the need for garage repair in Long Beach is by maintaining your garage during the day and keeping the lights off throughout the night. In order to maintain a garage door, preventive maintenance services will be needed regularly. During a maintenance project, a technician will seal any gaps where pests can easily access. Because a good defensive is vital, you must still create an environment that won’t attract pests once the garage is properly sealed, and you can accomplish this task by using the lights less frequently at night.