Glass garage doors are trending, and for good reason. They look great, stand out, and offer long – lasting durability. In fact, investing in a garage door is one of the best things you can do in terms of retaining value.

Glass overhead doors are available with several key options, combining to make many different looks. Simple large panels, or smaller panels with more architectural detail in the framework helped adapt the style to the overall scale and design of your home. Choosing between clear and frosted glass gives you any combination of light and privacy, whether you are showing off your car or keeping it private, or just want to have the best – lit man cave ever, glass has you covered.

Garage Door with Tavern Walls

Glass garage doors don’t come cheap, but they are worth the price. Glass lasts forever, the aluminum structure is anodized to avoid corrosion and the entire design is not subject to fading or mildew as painted surfaces are. With very basic maintenance – the same kind that any garage door needs – a glass door should outlast the rest of your home. This is truly a “last door” you will ever need to buy.

Another popular and very exciting use of glass overhead doors is to create an opening wall. Whether for a large dining or entertaining room, a glass garage door, or several, can be used to provide greenhouse – like visibility and an amazingly flowing floorplan that knows no barriers. One great advantage to a rollup glass door is that there is no interruption to the flooring. No other type of glass wall or sliding panels can do this.

Multiple all glass doors