garage troubleshooting

Garage Repair: Garage Troubleshooting Tips

Most garage doors are simple mechanisms, but you can expect them to eventually have problems. Sometimes, it could be difficult trying to figure out the issue yourself. However, you don’t always need a professional garage repair in Long Beach service. Here are some garage troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting Squeaky Doors

Squeaky doors could be an easy garage door repair. It means some parts of the door needs oiling, or it got out of alignment causing the parts to rub together or came loose. Older, defective garage door parts could be the cause. If rollers and cables look defective, they should be replaced by a professional.

Remote Stopped Working

Replace the battery, and try the remote again. The batteries in garage door remotes commonly need replacing every two years. If it still doesn’t work, move closer to the door. Most garage door remotes work within 20 feet of the door. You may need to reset the remote according to the door manual. Also, check the antenna for damage, and get an antenna with a greater range, if needed.

Garage Door Won’t Open

If you have a garage door without a remote, or the remote works, but the door still won’t open, check the electrical panel for tripped breakers. Ensure nothing blocks the photo eyes, and they point in the same direction. Also, inspect the photo eyes for dirt, and ensure the motor cord is pressed firmly in the outlet. In some cases, the wall lock could be depressed preventing the door form opening.

Unbalanced Garage Doors

An unbalanced garage door can pose a safety risk and cause property damage. This occurs when the torsion springs no longer distribute the weight of the door evenly. Common signs of unbalanced door include the door not opening, makes odd sounds when opening or closing, or not looking even while opening or closing. Torsion springs commonly need repairing by a professional.

You should be able to diagnose and fix basic problems. However, some issues may not be obvious, or they could be dangerous to fix. In these cases, you may want to consider a professional garage repair service.