What to Ask Before Having a New Garage Installed

Hiring the wrong company to install your new garage doors or put up a garage for you can result in a host of problems like workers who do damage to your lawn or hiring a company that doesn’t treat you well. The best way to find the right company for the job is with a list of questions that you ask before signing any contract.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Always ask if the installation company offers a warranty. When you buy a new garage door, the manufacturer of that door will offer a warranty on it. You void the warranty when you do not follow the recommended guidelines for care and maintenance given by the manufacturer. Using the wrong materials or the wrong size screws when installing it will also void that warranty. The company that installs it should offer a separate warranty that covers the work done by employees.

How Fast Do You Respond to Calls?

Ask the company how quickly it responds to calls from customers too. A reputable Orange County garage installation company will offer same day service whenever possible. This means that if you call in the morning with a problem, the company will respond to your call by the end of business day. You may get a repair person out to your home that same day or within the next few days, depending on how busy the company is at the time.

Do You Have Insurance?

Make sure that you ask about insurance too. Reputable garage door companies are insured to cover damage to employees as well as the homes of customers. This lets you seek compensation if the workers trample on your yard, break some of the play equipment you have outside or do any type of damage to your home or garage. As long as you ask these basic questions, you should have no problem finding a great company.