A Victorian-Style Garage Door Repair in Huntington Beach

The French and British once had the practice of naming architectural styles based on existing figures within their royal families. Though not contributing to the artistic approach herself, Queen Victoria of Great Britain was the living monarch when “her style” emerged between the 1850s and 1900s. The Victorian style is among the few British design methods that remain popular today. Your garage door repair in Huntington Beach for a Victorian-era home calls for special care. This distinguished look, when applied to your garage door, follows specific criteria.

What Are Carriage Garage Doors?

In most cases, Victorian homes work best with carriage doors on the garage. Carriage doors get their name from a period when horses and carriages were inseparable. Though no longer used to store horses and hay, carriage houses and barns do look great as period structures on many properties today. What makes the carriage style easy to identify are its double doors, which are often found on old barns. Unlike common roll-up doors, carriage doors swing outward and are made in massive sizes. Consider these doors during your Newport Beach garage door repair.

Why Do Carriage Garage Doors Work With Victorian Homes?

Historically, Victorian homes and carriage doors were used together. If you want to put a modern twist on your antiquated, Victorian look, you might find that you can’t get around the need for large double doors. The carriage door is a traditional standard, so it’s likely already a part of any existing homes that use Victorian architecture. Carriage houses are also why carriage doors work with Victorian designs. The “carriage houses” used for horses have been converted into the garages many use today. The core difference is in how these spaces are now being used.

Looking at Your Garage Door Trim

Often referred to as “gingerbread,” Victorian-era trim gives an entire house its notable look amongst other types of construction styles. The threshold of your garage is where you’ll find the “trim.” Trim is set along the corners, window seals and doors of a house. Typical Victorian trim is very elaborate and takes its approach from Gothic-period pieces. The main differences are the late adaptations from colonial periods and the use of various types of wood. As for a Precision garage door, today, you might decide not to reconstruct it or to keep it as a carriage-trim style.

Whatever you build, it needs to be bordered with trim if you want to achieve the Victorian look.

Keeping Exposed Wood in Mind

Though the Victorian style was partly inspired by Gothic elements, those elements are softened in the Victorian model because of the typical use of wood. Wood can be painted in colors that won’t fade or wear out within a single year. These advantages led to hues that Victorian homes are still known for today. Regardless of each layer of paint, the texture of natural wood still stands out. Aluminum and plastic synthetics are used for modern doors and homes today. Such materials will certainly take away from the rustic sensation you find within Victorian architecture.

Incorporating the Craftsman-Style Door

Craftsman doors can be used for various types of home doors. This includes the front door. Two special facets make this door style stand out and suitable for Victorian houses. First, these doors will look as if they were handmade even if they weren’t. Second, they have panels of glass on a horizontal row at the top of the door. Being true to the Victorian way, craftsman doors are made from wood. They are often stained to ensure that the door’s wood grain remains visible and rustic. Be sure to ask about different wood finishes during your Irvine Garage door repair.

A Quick Note on the Windows

As you work to be as creative as possible, keep in mind that windows are traditionally placed on the higher end of Victorian facades. Windows can also be installed during a garage door repair in Huntington Beach. You’ll find higher windows as a design standard, which makes a significant difference in staying architecturally true. You’ll want to avoid large windows or entire doors made from transparent panels of glass. Just don’t limit yourself to the type of windows you install on the upper end of your door. Ovals, squares and arches work for garage doors in Orange County.

Adding More Via an Extended Pergola

A pergola is a wooden structure that might be mistaken for a type of gazebo at first glance. This overhang, however, is about both its design and utility. By extending a pergola from your garage’s door over a driveway, your vehicles will get additional protection from the sun. Pergolas are open structures that often look great with plants and exotic vines grown over them. They are designed to add soft shade to an area. They are also used to give you more ways of incorporating Victorian art. Consider this during your garage door repair in Huntington Beach.

Your Color Codes and the Basic Spectrum

For a traditional look, consider following the color scheme your Victorian house already uses. Whatever that color is, it can be duplicated to exactness. You can also go with an entirely new color scheme. As a “rule of thumb,” however, Victorian colors tend to be both dark and rich. You will find an exception to this rule through bright floral paints. Regardless, in most cases, you can describe the traditional colors as “deep.” They’re full and earthy in tone. The most basic colors that are used include chestnut, brown, maroon, dark green, dark blues and even burgundy.

Your Victorian Garage Door Repair in Huntington Beach

It’s not a small matter that you have Victorian architecture. When you need a garage door repair in Huntington Beach, your work should follow specific rules. Keeping the traditional look of your Victorian home calls for your garage door to work with your home’s design. This is possible but only with the help of a trained professional. A competent contractor will know the design limits there are and why. Some professionals hold the Victorian style as a specialty of theirs. These contractors will have the right creative approach and the skills to preserve the facade you have.