The Best Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Keeping your garage door in good working condition is important. It ensures that your car and anything else you keep stored within stay safely contained. It’s equally important to keep your family and guests safe as well when they are near or in the garage. Use these garage door safety tips to keep everyone and everything safe.

Get Repairs When Necessary

If your garage door is malfunctioning, it can lead to a disaster. It can remain open when you want it closed or abruptly close when it shouldn’t, which can cause serious injury or even death if someone is standing directly underneath it. To that end, it’s important to get it fixed if it has any problems. If you are in California and need service, make sure to look into Long Beach garage door repair.

Check Safety Sensors

Along the rails that connect the garage door, there are sensors embedded. The purpose of these items is to allow the garage door to switch directions when someone is opening or closing it, particularly when something suddenly steps within range of the garage door while it is closing. It’s important to test this mechanism to ensure that it’s in good working order. You can do that by pushing the button to start closing the garage door. While it’s in the process of closing, place an object in line with the sensors. If the mechanism is working properly, the door should halt and reverse.

Don’t Share Passwords

Avoid sharing the password to open your garage door with anyone other than those who live in your home. You can give the password to a close visiting family member or friend, particularly if you are going away and they are housesitting for you or tending to your pets and plants. However, the fewer people have your password, the better.

Teach Your Kids Garage Door Safety

Kids must always be taught how to use the garage door safely when they are old enough. Teach them when they are young that the garage door is not a toy and could be dangerous if used improperly. They should learn that they should avoid standing too close to the door when it’s closing. Also, tell your kids to never give the password to anyone and to close the garage door if nobody is outside.

Inspect the Door Monthly

Take a good look at the garage door every month and inspect the components for signs of wear and tear. If anything looks rusted, broken, loose or out of place, don’t try to fix them yourself. Instead, you should contact a professional to make any adjustments or repairs.

These steps can help you to stay safe when using your garage door. They can also keep the door from working as it was meant to function.