choosing between DIY or use professional services

Garage Door Repairs: DIY or Use Professional Services?

Many things around the home can be easily fixed: burnt lightbulbs, a clogged pipe, or even a noisy door. However, when it comes to the garage door, it’s simply not as easy to tell if you can handle the issue. That is why so many homeowners choose to call in the experts to take care of the issue. But when is it necessary? The following includes further information on whether you should DIY or use professional services for your garage door repair needs.

Loud Noises: DIY or Use Professional Services?

If you begin to hear loud metallic noises coming from your garage door, then it could mean a few things. Either your bolts and nuts need to be lubricated, or there is a more serious issue with your tracking system. If simple lubrication is needed, you may be able to DIY this issue. However, if you notice that some rollers are chipped or off their tracks, then it is recommended to call in professional services to fix the issue.

Slow/Fast Door Movement

One of the most common issues homeowners will face with their garage door is seeing it moving either too slow or too fast. This is usually due to faulty tension springs. These are extremely dangerous components to handle, and thus, it is only right to bring in a Orange County garage door repair company.

Sudden Cold/Warm Temperatures

If you begin to experience sudden cold or warm temperatures within your garage, then it is likely that you have an issue with your weatherstripping. This is the black strip that runs along the bottom of the garage door. You may be able to DIY this issue as weather stripping kits can be found within almost every home improvement store.