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Garage Door Repair in Huntington Beach: Weather Stripping’s Importance

Your garage door beautifies your home, protects your garage from the elements, and adds a layer of home security. It’s wise to take steps to keep your garage door looking and working its best. If your garage door needs a garage door repair in Huntington Beach, do not delay. One area that should be of primary concern is your garage door’s weather stripping.

Why Should You Worry About Weather-Stripping Your Garage Door in Huntington Beach?

During the rainy season, one of the first things Huntington Beach residents should do is have garage door weather stripping professionally installed or repaired. The task may seem simple, so some homeowners may want to do a do-it-yourself project. However, as any professional can tell you, installing weather stripping properly on a garage door can be a daunting task.

If weather stripping is improperly applied, it will be ineffective in the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, it will damage your garage door.

Garage door weather stripping seals your garage door using long pieces of material that close in the gaps around your garage door. You will see weather stripping at the top, sides, and bottom of your garage door.

Several materials can be used for weather stripping. They range from harder materials to softer materials depending on your door and the weather conditions where you live.

Typically, weather stripping is kept on your garage door 365 days a year. During the cold or rainy season, weather stripping prevents water, rain, and snow from finding their way into your garage. It helps maintain the internal temperature of your home. During the summer, it keeps cold air in and warm air out.

When properly applied, weather stripping protects a garage from flooding. It can also serve as an additional layer of insulation for your garage.

Why Is Precision Garage Door Weather Stripping so Important?

If you don’t have weather stripping, your garage can flood. Accumulation of rainwater will seep straight through your garage door, wreaking havoc on anything you have stored in your garage.

Additionally, no matter how well insulated your garage door is, it is not able to provide the level of insulation needed if there are gaps around it. It is rare for a garage door to perfectly fit inside a home. Typically, there are some minor gaps where air and water can pass through.

Weather stripping installation and repair for a garage door in Orange County makes these gaps disappear. They allow the garage door to fit perfectly into the frame of the door.

However, no matter how well weather stripping is installed, it does not last indefinitely. For that reason, weather stripping repair and replacement should be a part of an Irvine garage door repair and maintenance program.

Types of Weather Stripping Available for a Precision Door

Most garage door weather stripping has a flexible interior and a hard base. The hard base sits along the ground or ceiling or the sides of the garage. The flexible interior is where the garage door rests.

Metal or plastic is used when making garage door weather stripping. Metal is more durable but susceptible to corrosion. Plastic is less durable, but it does not have issues with corrosion.

All weather stripping, regardless of its price, will initially have the same level of effectiveness. However, more expensive weather stripping typically lasts longer. Durability is an important factor when choosing weather stripping.

What Is the Weather Stripping Installation Process?

During your Newport Beach garage door repair, a saw will be used to cut weather stripping to the right size. This is important because each garage door has its own unique size.

After the weather stripping has been cut to size, it will be nailed directly onto the garage door. Technicians don’t use glue since the glue will not last long.

How to Properly Care for Weather Stripping

Garage door weather stripping should be lubricated and free of debris in order to function properly. You should regularly use an all-purpose cleaner to clean your garage door’s weather stripping. This includes cleaning the weather stripping between panels. Look for cracks or areas where the weather stripping is detaching. If you see these defects, it is a sign that you may need to contact a professional and have your weather stripping replaced.

Lubrication is used to keep weather stripping pliable. This is what lets it do its job. Dry, harsh, or hot weather can impact the integrity of the weather stripping. Use a silicone-based lubricant and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Petroleum-based lubricants should never be used as they will crack the weather stripping.

Does Garage Door Weather Stripping Lose Its Strength With Time?

Yes. Regardless of its quality, weather stripping will pull away from surfaces, crack, or shrink over time. Weather stripping is designed to protect against the elements, but it is these same elements that contribute to its wear and tear. That is why it is a good habit to check the seals around the garage door periodically to see if they need to be repaired. With time, the flexible neoprene rubber strips used to seal the top and sides of your garage door become dirty and warped and may pull away from the frame of the garage door.

Benefits of Installing and Repairing Weather Stripping During Your Garage Door Repair in Huntington Beach

Energy savings is a good reason to repair or replace weather stripping. If your garage is attached to your home, it shares common walls and ceilings with the main part of the house. This means that cool air and heat seep through the walls of the garage into the home. This causes you to lose a lot of energy, resulting in increased heating and electric bills. Considering that your garage is likely one-third of the sides of your home, if you do not have good weather stripping, you are likely wasting more energy than you realize.

Weather stripping can help prevent mold growth. Mold needs moisture and a food source to grow. When you open and close your garage door, the temperatures from outside enter the garage. If the garage is cool, the moisture in the air condenses, forming mold. This is a health hazard that can damage the walls and equipment if left untreated. The key to preventing this is to seal any air leaks coming from outside.

How Long Does Weather Stripping Last and When Should You Get Garage Door Repair in Huntington Beach?

Some types of weather stripping last longer than others. You should expect your weather stripping to last for between one and two years. Check your weather stripping during the spring and the fall for signs of problems. If you see problems, contact professionals to have them repair or replace your weather stripping so that your garage door will continue to serve as protection for your home.