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DIY Garage Door Repairs That Require a Professional

The home garage door is meant to last for years; however, much like any other component of the home, it’s going to begin to malfunction in some manner. Many of the issues that you’re going to encounter are easily fixable. For example, a dirty sensor is simply going to require that you clean it with a soft cloth. However, there are other areas in which a DIY project is simply not going to cut it. In that case, it is important to contact the professionals. How do you know which projects are meant for the experts? Read on to learn about the type of DIY garage door repairs that maybe you shouldn’t attempt tackling on your own.

Broken Tension Springs

When it comes to tension springs, homeowners have two options to choose from. These include extension and torsion springs. However, no matter the type of tension spring that is located within your garage, it is never a good idea to DIY any issues. Calling in a garage door repair Huntington Beach company is highly recommended as tension springs hold a lot of energy if they seem brittle.

In most cases, tension springs simply need to be tightened. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Tightening the springs the wrong way can lead to them suddenly snapping. Snapping can cause both serious injuries and damage to your vehicle.

Broken Garage Door Keypad

The garage door keypad makes it easy for you and your family to access your garage. However, because it’s usually exposed to the elements, it’s likely that it’s going to malfunction and some point or another. One of the most common issues with keypads is a frayed wire.

These are rather easy to switch out on your own, but if there are no frayed wires and if the keypad still isn’t working, you may have a more serious issue. It is likely that the issue involves your garage door motor. In this case, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a Orange County garage door repair company. This is because working with wires can be rather tricky to do on your own. The last thing you want is to damage the motor even further and to have to purchase a new one.

Garage Door Panels

Much like keypads, garage door panels are also exposed to the elements. If you live within an area where the weather is particularly harsh, it’s likely that you’re going to see a few broken or at least slightly damaged door panels. Although you can purchase single panels from the people who manufactured your door, it’s never advised to do it yourself. Garage door panels can be extremely expensive, and breaking a few while attempting to fix them can lead to a costly DIY project. That is why it is recommended to bring in a professional from a Newport Beach garage door repair company.

A Huntington Beach garage door repair professional understands the importance of installing a door panel the correct way. For example, if a door panel is installed the wrong way, it can severely damage the door hinges and can cause other panels to break during the process. It should also be noted that door panels need to match with the other panels you have on. Choosing the wrong type can also lead to severe damage, so it is always recommended to have a garage door repair Long Beach expert look at the damage.

Malfunctioning Tracking System

Picture waking up one morning, walking into the garage, and beginning to open the garage door. You notice that the door is stuttering or taking longer than usual to lift up. If this occurs, it’s likely that you have an issue with your tracking system. These are metal tracks that run along the side of your garage and up toward the ceiling. In most cases, a few pieces of debris may be causing the stuttering.

However, if you observe that a few areas of the tracking system are bent, then you have a much bigger problem. Although you can DIY this type of repair, if you have no experience dealing with track bends, then it is recommended to bring in professionals. An Anaheim garage door repair company will be able to bend back your tracking system to its original state. The reason why you never want to do this on your own is that you can end up bending the metal further or not making it straight enough to where the garage door can safely lift itself up. This could ultimately lead to damaging your precision door and needing a replacement.