If you fully understanding the potential costs of typical repairs to a garage door, you can gather the funds in advance so that a crew can begin the project without any delay.

The General Costs for Garage Repairs

The most common garage door repairs involve the spring, track, and sensor. Because all of these tasks aren’t complicated, the estimated costs are reasonable.


Garage door springs will have to be replaced or repaired at some point because the metal components generate a lot of friction. However, the need for repairs can be reduced by implementing strategic maintenance procedures annually to ensure that the springs are balanced.

If a spring needs to be replaced in order to repair a garage door, the total cost will be around $50 to $100. The cost of the material and work that needs to be done can also influence the price. During these situations, a technician may charge at least $200 to tackle the repair process.


Alignment problems usually happen when the track near a garage door bends. Because this is a simple repair task, a typical homeowner may be able to correct the problem by tapping the bent portion with a mallet. If a technician who specializes in garage door repair in Orange County resolves the issue, the total cost will be at least $125.


When a garage door sensor develops alignments problems, the panel won’t close completely. The process of realigning a sensor isn’t time-consuming, so a garage door repair technician usually charges $50 to $75 to tackle this project.