Repair Options After Hitting Your Garage Door with Your Car

The closest car accident to home is an accidental collision between your car and the garage door. Sometimes, drivers back into their garage door because they absentmindedly forget to open the garage door first, damaging the door. Here are some tips and solutions for repairing your garage door after hitting it by accident.

Figure Out the Extent of the Damage

The damage from a collision between your car and the garage door can be minor or severe. Make sure that your remote control is still working. Then, check the lifting cables and rollers to confirm that all of the parts are aligned and functional. If the damage is so pervasive that you can’t get your car out of the garage, contact an Orange County garage installation company to see if they can repair or replace the door.

Disconnect the Wiring

It can be dangerous to leave the electrical wiring and connections to your garage door connected when the garage door is malfunctioning. While being careful not to touch any of the metal elements of your garage since they’re conductors of electricity, disconnect the wiring to your garage door until your garage door specialist has advised that it’s safe to reconnect it.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Garage door repairs can be expensive. See if your home insurance policy will cover the damage to the garage door. It’s unlikely that your auto insurance policy will cover the costs of a garage door repair or installation, but it may cover the damage done to your car.