Reasons Why Your Garage Door Panels Are Damaged

As with every portion of a garage door, the panels on your door can become damaged over time, which means that they will either need to be repaired or replaced. Some panels are sturdier than others but it’s still possible for them to become dented or worn in some capacity. Unlike the other components within a garage door, the panels are positioned on the exterior of the door, which places them in a certain amount of exposure. Once you better understand how the panels on your garage door can be damaged, you may be able to prevent some of this damage from taking place.

General Wear and Tear

Given the fact that the panels are located outside, they will invariably face wear and tear over time. More than half of the damage that occurs within garage door panels is related to wear and tear. These problems can be magnified if you don’t schedule maintenance on the door at least once every year.

Weather and Impact Damage

There are many types of weather-related damage that could lead to the degradation of garage door panels. Warping, decay, and cracking may occur due to high winds and a substantial amount of exposure to sunlight day in and day out. It’s also possible for mildew and mold to form on the panels or for the panels to become frozen. As for impact-related damage, vehicle contact or impact from basketballs or other sports equipment could cause the panels to become dented or caved in.

What To Do When Garage Door Panels Have Been Damaged

It’s recommended that you don’t attempt to repair the panels yourself as the repair work can be dangerous and you don’t want to make any costly mistakes. If the damage to your garage door panels is extensive, you’ll want to consider obtaining some Orange County garage door repair services by a reputable repair company. When doing so, remember that small problems might only require repair services while more extensive damage may call for the replacement of one or more of the panels.