Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener that you choose to install will determine how well the feature works when it’s in use each day when you need to access the garage. Although there are many different products available in the industry, they’re not all created equal. When you’re ready to begin shopping around, there are a few different options to consider to make the right selection.

Chain Drive

Chain drive garage door openers are known to be the most economical and affordable options for homeowners that are easy to install with the help of a technician. The product has a simple design and consists of a metal chain that is connected to the motor. Chain drives openers are favored because of their price tag but are prone to being loud when they operate.

Screw Drive

Screw drive openers have an automatic function that operates with the use of a threaded steel rod and doesn’t consist of any belts or chains. Many homeowners favor this type of opener because it’s silent when it operates, which offers a high level of convenience and doesn’t disturb other residents in the house. The screw drive also works at a faster pace when it comes to opening and closing the garage door compared to other devices on the market. Although it’s the most efficient type of opener available, it also costs more than similar products due to how well it operates.

Belt Drive

If you’re looking for a garage door opener that is quiet when it’s in use, then the belt drive is an ideal option to consider. This type of device can be installed in most houses and doesn’t cause a lot of noise because it operates with the use of a rubber belt compared to a steel chain. The parts are known to be extremely durable and strong, which will reduce the number of Orange County garage door repairs that you will need over time.