What to Know About the Garage Door’s Safety Photo Eye

A garage door opener made in the past decade or two should be outfitted with a safety device called a photo eye. This photo eye is responsible for the safe operation of the garage door. If you notice that the garage door closes or opens when it should not, or if it opens or closes partway and then reverses, be sure to arrange for prompt garage door service in Orange County in order to ensure that the photo eye is working the way that it is designed to.

What the Photo Eye Is

The photo eye is a safety device that works in conjunction with the garage door opener. The photo eye consists of a laser beam and a sensor. It is located about six inches above the floor of the garage or the end of the opener’s tracks. If anything breaks the beam, the garage door opener cannot be activated.

What the Photo Eye Does

The photo eye prevents someone from getting hurt by the garage door. If something or someone is in the path of the garage door and there is no photo eye, the garage door would keep going, possibly injuring the person or causing property damage. The photo eye’s proper operation prevents damage to the car and bodily harm to any people or pets who could be in the way of the door.

Signs of a Problem With the Photo Eye

Direct sunlight could disrupt the laser beam. Dust, debris or dirt could obstruct the sensor or the beam. If the light is blinking, this is a sign to get it checked out by a garage door technician. If the garage door will not activate or operates in an unexpected way, it is also important to call for repairs. If the sensor does not trip when obstructed, have it repaired.