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The Necessity of Long Beach Garage Door Repair and Insulation

Garage door insulation keeps your garage at a consistent temperature. This will save you money on utility bills. It also will help the environment because your home is more energy-efficient. Insulation can also protect your valuables stored in the garage both from the weather as well as robbery. Long Beach garage door repair services can help you decide if insulation is right for you.

Benefits of Garage Door Insulation from Long Beach Garage Door Repair Professionals

Energy Efficiency

If your garage is attached to your house, insulation is necessary. If your attached garage has an uninsulated door, you will have to run your heating and cooling system all the time. Not only that, but your garage door acts as an escape hatch for the cool and warm air in your home. Regardless of if you have a detached or attached garage, there are some components you need. One important thing is to have properly sealed doorways.

You want to make sure that the door that separates your home and garage is sealed properly. Walls both inside the house and garage need to be insulated well. This so no air leaks out.

If your garage has windows, insulation can be a tad bit challenging. If you are going to choose a garage door with windows, choose one that has double-paned windows. When installed correctly, these windows can add to the insulation. The last important thing is to make sure the windows are both sealed and closed properly when you have the heating and air conditioning running.

Cooling systems in the home consume close to 15 percent of energy. Heating systems burn close to 16 percent. When your garage door is unsealed and uninsulated, your HVAC system will have to run continuously to keep your home and garage at a constant temperature.

If you want to reach maximum energy efficiency, the Department of Energy suggests insulating everything between the roof and foundation. This includes insulating the garage and the walls connected to the garage. Once you do this, you will see a jump in the amount of energy you save.

Reduces Noise and Increases Durability

If you have a workshop or home gym in your garage, you probably make a lot of noise. Insulated garage doors tend to be thicker. The thickness of the doors reduces noise. When your garage door is insulated, you won’t disturb those in different parts of the house. You also won’t disturb your neighbors. You also don’t have to worry about the noise coming from outside. If there is a storm or traffic outside, you can still work from your garage in peace.

When garage doors have insulation, dents, rust and warping are less likely to occur. Compared to uninsulated doors, insulated doors require fewer repairs. They also need less maintenance because they are reinforced.

Secures Your Home

The FBI reports that a burglary happens every 22.6 seconds. When your garage door is unsecured, your home is vulnerable. A reinforced garage door makes it difficult for a burglar to breach it. Adding insulation can reinforce your garage door.

There are some other options to increase security. Locking your garage door when you are not in it is one way. If you decide to buy a garage door with windows, choose double-pane windows. Also, choose a door that has windows high on it. These types of windows can let natural light in without someone being able to look inside your garage.

When you install a security system, thieves will notice it, and it will keep them at bay. Your security system can also alert you of any odd activity surrounding your property even when you are not at home.

Why Does the R-Value Matter?

The R-value of insulation lets you know what the insulation thermal resistance level is. A higher R-value means that the insulation is more effective. If a garage door is uninsulated, it has a lower R-value than an insulated one.

When choosing an insulated garage door, look at the R-value. Choosing the right R-value is determined by the location you live in and the weather conditions there. You also want to consider what kind of HVAC system you use. Use these two factors to calculate the R-value that is best for your home.

Don’t Wait to Add Insulation With Your Long Beach Garage Door Repair

Adding insulation to your garage door will benefit your home. An insulated garage door reduces noise. It makes your home more energy-efficient. The insulation also makes your door more durable. When you have an insulated garage door, you also make your garage door more secure.

To figure out how much insulation your garage door needs, you can calculate the R-value. A garage door technician can provide you with a garage door repair in Long Beach and help you find the right garage door to increase the energy efficiency of your home.