The Case for a Yearly Garage Door Inspection

Many homeowners wouldn’t think twice about having their roof inspected on an annual basis. The same may be true of having HVAC components looked at every six to 12 months. Scheduling a garage door inspection may not be as high on a homeowner’s to-do list. However, it may be worthwhile to have one conducted every year.

Catch Small Problems Immediately

Typically, by the time a garage door fails to close all the way or opens without being activated, there are major issues with the door or its components. In some cases, these problems may necessitate the current door coming down and a new one being installed in its place. It is also possible that a door may need new springs or electrical components, which could cost hundreds of dollars. Inspecting the door on a regular basis may make it possible to catch minor issues while they are easier and more affordable to fix.

Extend the Door’s Useful Life

Even if replacing the springs or an electrical motor may be expensive, it doesn’t signal the end of the door’s useful life. However, doors that are cracked, have broken windows or that are crooked may need to be replaced. With proper maintenance, it may be possible to get 20 years or more from a single door. As a regular garage door inspection can be seen as routine maintenance, it logically follows that it could help to extend the life of the door.

Inspections May Help Preserve a Warranty

Homeowners who have a warranty on their existing door may prevent voiding it by having a regular inspection. It may be possible for a garage door service in Orange County to perform an inspection or otherwise provide maintenance to help abide by the terms of a warranty. However, inspections are generally affordable and effective for all homeowners.