Repairing or Replacing Your Garage Door Cables

Fixing cables for either torsion springs or lift springs is a common option that is available when it comes to a garage door repair in Orange County. While these garage door cables are heavy duty and often galvanized, they’re under a lot of pressure and should ideally be replaced before the cable gives out.

Inspect Your Cables Regularly

You should give your cables a once-over at least every three months or whenever you happen to think about. Any fraying is an obvious concern and should be inspected by a professional. You should also watch for any buildup of a gunk, which can cause unnecessary friction, as well as any foreign objects impeding cable movement, which will also cause friction.

When a Cable Snaps

You’ll usually have an indication that a cable may snap, such as fraying of the wires that the cable comprises. If there was no indication, it could mean a manufacturing error and a cable that was bound to break. Relieve tension on other cables until the door can be repaired, and of course, the door will not open and close appropriately until the snapped cable is replaced.

Replacing in Pairs

Your garage door technician may recommend that you replace both cables. This is pretty standard, and many garage door cables are sold as sets. They’re relatively inexpensive after all, and the problem with replacing one and not the other is that you create an imbalance that can cause them to wear faster.

Dealing With Frayed Cables

The general recommendation is that you replace frayed wires as soon as possible because they’ll give out sooner than later. A heavy-duty shrink-wrap may be acceptable if the fraying is very minor or as a stopgap until you can have the cables replaced by a professional.