How Direct Sunlight Interferes With The Garage Door Operation

Orange County, California has a lot of sunny days. While the sunshine and warm weather are great for your lawn and garden, it can cause excessive damage and extra maintenance to your garage door and its opener system. If your garage door tends to act funny when it is exposed to direct sunlight, it is important to call for professional garage door service in Orange County in order to get the problem solved safely and effectively.

Garage Door Opener’s Sensors Disruption

The laser safety sensor of the garage door opener uses a laser beam in order to control the functioning of the door opener. If the laser beam is blocked, the door will not open or close. Direct sunlight can interfere with the functioning of the laser safety sensor’s eye, causing it to open or close when it shouldn’t. An adjustment should be made by an experienced garage door technician.

Weather Seals and Weather Stripping Degradation

Degradation of weather seals and weather stripping allows dust and dirt to infiltrate your garage. Over time, the door may become weaker because of rougher impacts that would typically be absorbed by these rubber strips. Experienced technicians can replace these pieces in a routine garage maintenance visit.

Excessive Heat Buildup

Worn out weather stripping, cracks in the wood, gaps in the caulk and degraded insulation or a lack of insulation can cause an excessive heat buildup in your garage. Too much heat inside of your garage could be damaging to anything that you have stored in there. For example, the foam in a child’s safety seat could be degraded by high temperatures. Stored chemicals such as pressurized paints and cleaners could burst if they get too hot. Garage door technicians can repair the cracks and gaps so that hot air does not build up in your garage.